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For the more budget conscious customer, Austral Clothes Hoists Pty Ltd import the Sunbreeze Clotheslines. The Sunbreeze range is superior to any other imported line for the following reasons:

  • The range is manufactured to Austral Clothes Hoists Pty Ltd strict specifications and quality control standards. Austral Clothes Hoists Pty Ltd have been manufacturing clotheslines for over thirty (30) years;
  • All Sunbreeze clotheslines carry a manufacturers 10 year warranty;
  • The Sunbreeze range is imported and manufactured to the standard of first quality Australian steel.
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Looking for an affordable retractable or fold down clothesline?

affordable clothesline

An affordable clothesline range. 10 year warranty. Free delivery. Along with the Australian made Austral clotheslines, we also sell a cheaper, more cost-effective Sunbreeze range of clotheslines. Made in China, Sunbreeze clotheslines are a quality product that comes with a 10 year warranty and suit the budget conscious customer. The Sunbreeze range has been built […]