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Buy Strata Clotheslines

Shop Australian made strata clothes lines and washing lines.

Shop a wide range of wall mounted, rotary, retractable and fold down clotheslines suitable for strata properties including units and townhouses.

Available in a range of colours to suit everyone’s taste and decor.

Australian made strata clotheslines at great prices. Fast and free delivery in Australia.

Need help? Contact us on 0449 228 204 for free and helpful advice. 

Strata Clotheslines Supply and Installation Northern Beaches

strata clotheslines northern beaches

Remove old washing lines and install new fold down clotheslines in strata units. We recently installed three Austral fold down clotheslines in a block of strata units in Queenscliff on the Northern Beaches Sydney. We received a call from the Strata Manager of a block of strata units in Queenscliff (Northern Beaches, Sydney).  The Body […]

Three fold down clotheslines installed at Eastern Suburbs apartments

clotheslines eastern suburbs

Supply and installation of strata clotheslines in Sydney. We recently installed three fold-down clotheslines in a strata apartment building in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. We received a call from the Body Corporate representative of strata apartments in Kingsford (Eastern Suburbs, Sydney).  On an area of common property, they had two rusty old rotary clotheslines that were […]