About Austral Clotheslines

Why should I buy an Austral clothesline rather than another brand?
What percentage of Austral’s clotheslines are Australian made?
Do Austral products carry a warranty?

Product Questions

Can Austral’s folding frames be shortened?
Can I fully extend my sheets without folding or gathering them to fit?
At what height should I install my clothes line?
I don’t want a clothesline in my back yard. Can I put one down the side of the house?

Installation Questions

I have a cement path down the side of my home and not enough wall space to wall mount a fold down clothesline. Is there an alternative?
Can I install a clothesline on my garage/shed wall?
Can I install a clothesline directly onto a fence?
Can I install a clothesline on a blue sheet wall?
I want a second clothesline for wet weather drying. What options do I have?

Clothesline Options

I love my rotary clothesline but I’m worried about down sizing to a fold down. How does line space compare?
Are the Fold Down lines easy to operate?
Why is the recommended area greater than the clothes line size?
Are spare parts readily available?

Being Green

Why should I use an outdoor clothes line rather than my electric clothes dryer?

OZ Clotheslines and Letterboxes

We sell a range of Austral clotheslines and letterboxes designed to compliment your home, strata unit, community village, commercial or business premise. Our products are manufactured here in Australia, using Australian labour, and built to withstand our harsh climate and way of life.

Our extensive range of fold down, retractable, wall mounted, fold away rotary and fixed rotary clotheslines, are built with Galvabond® steel, galvanized wire, PVC cord and plastics, to Austral’s strict specifications, to ensure stability and durability. All products come with a 20 year structural warranty.

Similarly. our Australian made letterboxes are built for reliability and to withstand outdoor conditions. Our residential mailboxes compliment any Australian home. Our stylish and practical business mailboxes and strata letterboxes can be used singularly or fit together to form multi-mailbox banks.

If you have any questions about our range, or what product(s) best suit your specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct.

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