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Australian-made Clotheslines North Shore Sydney.

We recently supplied and installed a new, Australian-made fold-away rotary clothesline at a home in Neutral Bay on the Lower North Shore, Sydney.

The family had recently moved into the Neutral Bay house and in the middle of the backyard was a classic ‘Hills Hoist’ clothesline.  Not only did they consider it an eye sore but it also encumbered the children’s play area theoretically cutting the backyard in half!

We recommended they replace their old ‘Hills Hoist’ with an Australian-made Austral foldaway rotary clothesline.  Changing the position of the washing line from the middle of the yard to the back corner would give them a lot more space yet still take advantage of the northerly sunshine.

Best of all, the Austral fold-away clotheslines can easily be folded down or removed from the ground socket when they needed more play area or didn’t want to see the clothesline when not in use.

They loved all our suggestions and purchased the Austral Foldaway 51 Outdoor Clothesline (3.8m) for maximum line space.  They chose the Woodland Grey colour as they felt this would camouflage well against the garden hedges and fences.

Within a few days the new clothesline arrived and our local, North Shore clothesline installer was on site to remove the old Hills Hoist and install the replacement washing line in the new location.

Once the installation was complete, he took away the old Hills Hoist for recycling.

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Note: The photo above features the model of Austral clothesline(s) installed. It was not taken at the property.  



Austral Foldaway 51 Outdoor Rotary Clothesline

The Foldaway Outdoor Rotary Austral Clothesline (3.8m) is simple to remove – just lift and twist. It is suitable for 2-5 people and includes a black ground socket. Standard colours include Classic Cream, Heritage Green and Woodland Grey.

Size: 3.8m in diameter. Area required: 4.5m x 4.5m.
Line space: The Foldaway (3.8m) has 7 lines with 51m of line space. This line will fit standard King sized sheets on the outside lines.

Austral’s FoldAway Rotary clotheslines are built using strong Galvabond steel to ensure strength and durability. The FoldAways are pre-corded for simple installation and may be simply folded up and removed when extra room is required in the backyard. The FoldAway Rotaries have all the drying features associated with Fixed Rotaries combined with design flexibility.

The Austral Foldaway Outdoor clothesline is equivalent to the Hills Hoist Rotary 8 hoist clothesline (APN: 931131222838 | VPN: 100559).

Austral Australian Made Clotheslines

Austral Clotheslines (Austral Clothes Hoists) is the only washing line and clothes hoist company continuing to manufacture products in Australia.   The company offers an extensive range of clothesline models and sizes. Warehouse facilities in every mainland state of Australia mean immediate despatch of your new clothesline.

All Austral Austral Australian-made clotheslines come with a 20-year structural warranty and have been designed specifically for our harsh climate. Austral Clothelinses are manufactured right here in Australia using Aussie labour and local materials.

We offer free, Australia-wide delivery. Delivery times vary but typically your product should arrive within 2-3 working days. For more information about delivery times, we suggest you contact us directly. Sorry, we do not deliver outside Australia.

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We sell a wide range of backyard clotheslines to suit everyone’s washing line requirements. Austral clotheslines are the only washing lines that are Australian made and Australian owned, made from local materials and supporting local labour.

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