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This customer, located on the Sunshine Coast Queensland, contacted our friendly team for advice on what large backyard clotheslines to buy for her home at Montville.

After discussing the customer’s washing line requirements with her, we suggested she purchase the Austral Foldaway 51 Rotary Clothesline.  With an extensive colour scheme available, the customer chose the Hertage Green so it would blend in with the trees in her backyard.

The Foldaway 51 is a large clolthesline that features 7 lines and a total of 51 metres of line space.  This offers adequate line space for a large family and will fit King sizes sheets. Best of all, Austral  clotheslines come with a 20 year structural warranty.

We were able to offer the customer prompt delivery from our Queensland warehouse.  We do offer a clothesline installation service however this customer didn’t require assistance.

Questions about choosing the right clothesline? Contact our friendly team for free and helpful advice.

Austral Foldaway 51 Rotary Clothesline

  • Number of lines: 7
  • Line space: 51 metres
  • Size: 3.8m
  • Simple to remove – simply lift and twist
  • Suitable for 2-5 people.
  • Includes a Black Ground Socket.
  • Colours: Classic Cream, Heritage Green and Woodland Grey.


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We sell a wide range of backyard clotheslines to suit everyone’s washing line requirements. Austral clotheslines are the only washing lines that are Australian made and Australian owned, made from local materials and supporting local labour.

Take advantage of our fast, free delivery clothesline delivery service. We also offer clothesline installations.


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